Annual Employee Recognition Awards

July 20, 2023

BGHS Employee Recognition awards have been running for two years, where the BGHS team anonymously vote for their colleagues based on exceptional effort, performance, skills and attitude.  There are two awards up for grabs one for Business Support and one for the Technical Team.

The results are in for 2023….…. Sharm Parmar Health & Safety/CDM Advisor & Vicky Thompson, Business & Project Co-ordinator.

Vicky has been with BGHS for just over 6 months but has made a big impact during her time so far which has been recognised by the team for the speed in which she has integrated and picked up her role. Vicky’s contributions have clearly improved business efficiencies and made everyone’s jobs that much easier. “Vicky is appreciated by everyone in the team”.

Sharm has been recognised by the team for his great interpersonal skills with colleagues and clients alike. His personal growth and development over the last year has allowed him to take on more projects and support others when needed. A great team player and “a huge moral boast for the team when you need it most”.

Congratulations to both Vicky & Sharm.