COVID-19 News-Update

March 16, 2020

The Well-being of all our staff, clients and project partners is of paramount importance to us. As the world continues to learn more about the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the management team here at Baily Garner (Health & Safety) Ltd have decided to take precautionary steps to help ensure the wellness and safety of our team and those we work with.

As we monitor the evolution of the COVID-19 virus, we are introducing additional measures to our working policy and as of tomorrow, Tuesday 16th March 2020, will be adopting a Work From Home approach which means we will be working remotely. This also includes avoiding non-essential travel and attendance at non-essential meetings as far as possible.

These steps are an effort to further reduce infection and intends to protect our people and to continue to serve our clients, using a balanced, approach informed by medical authorities.

If we can utilise phone or email communication as well as video conference as much as possible would be greatly appreciated.

We will re-examine this policy every Friday to see if we need to extend it based on the information available which we will share at that time.

Under this unusual situation and times, we will be unable to provide paper copies of H&S Files but will continue to send by email and or via Sharefile to ensure productivity and exchange of information is not effected.

We will be visiting the office twice weekly to ensure any post is collected but would like to make you aware that there may be a delay in responding to correspondence received by post during this time.

Please be re-assured its business as normal when it comes to monitoring inspections unless there are any issues on site we should be aware of.

Thank you for your attention and collaboration.