Enhanced measures to tackle Covid-19 over the festive period and new year

December 17, 2020

During the next few weeks it’s important we keep safe to ensure we protect ourselves and our loved ones leading up to the festive period. To help safeguard against the virus we have outlined some enhanced measures to protect our sites and all those we may come into contact with over the coming weeks.

  • Ensure that the site wide Risk assessment for COVID-19 is kept as a live document updated to contain all of the latest advice and guidance especially the latest SOP, this should also extend to all of the sub-contractors who must ensure that they have adequate arrangements within their RAMs.
  • Ensure that the site wide and individual arrangements for COVID-19 control is communicated at the very least weekly to all personnel on site and is recorded.
  • Upgrade the signing in procedure provide a gateman who signs operatives in takes temperatures  ensures that hands are washed and or sanitised before entering site and make the whole process contactless.
  • Where possible change to motion or foot pedal activated taps and sanitiser dispensers.
  • Ensure that all welfare is clean, adequate and COVID secure with socially distanced eating areas, segregated and occupancy controlled WC's and changing areas with signage all in place.
  • Ensure that a full time cleaner is in place who cleans all surfaces and touch points continually completing a register for each area to confirm that this has been carried out, make cleaning materials available in all areas especially canteen eating space for personnel to clean after use.
  • Place lots of sanitising points around the working and office areas.
  • Put an effective one way system in place that prevents operatives crossing paths or coming in to contact with one another especially on the ground floor access areas and on the one central staircase, put in passing points or screens on every other floor to facilitate social distancing.
  • Ensure that all close working is avoided unless no other option and then enhanced PPE and minimum contact should be observed, put an individual risk assessment in place for each operation.
  • In closed rooms limit workers to one per working area