Nigel's Lens - Fire

August 2, 2023

Fire can break out on most construction sites, but these could be avoided by careful planning and control of work activities.

Definition of Fire hazard at Construction sites?

Any actions, materials, or conditions that might increase the size or severity of a fire or that might cause a fire to start are called fire hazards. The hazard might be a fuel that is easy to ignite or a heat source like a defective appliance.

For all projects, a ‘responsible person’ must be identified at each stage of the project as required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The responsible person must take such general fire precautions that will include all procedures, precautionary measures and safety standards as laid down in the site fire safety plan are clearly understood and complied, a system using hot work permits is established, and compliance monitored; weekly testing of the fire alarm and other smoke and heat detectors on sit ; weekly inspections are conducted of escape routes, fire and rescue service access, firefighting facilities, temporary emergency lighting, the routing of temporary electrical cables and work areas.

The responsible person shall ensure that a fire safe working culture is proactively promoted at all times, and that one or more competent persons, acting as fire marshals, should be appointed to assist the responsible person in carrying out their duties.

Good Practice Examples:

Bad Practice Examples:

Further Reading

Fire Prevention on Construction Sites – Joint Code of Practice version 10.1 was published in January 2023 by the Fire Protection Association.