PIP Our bespoke Web Application

August 20, 2021

As a result of our continuous drive to innovate we have developed a bespoke web-based application, our Project Information Portal also known as ‘PIP’ which is a key differentiator for our business!


The web app stores all our projects and delivers a streamlined approach to Monitoring inspections . The feedback from our clients is that they love the transparency and immediate access and we believe our innovative software puts us ahead of our competitors in providing such services.


Our bespoke built software has the functionality to analyse trends and highlight/flag issues which may need immediate attention or further improvement which allows us as a business to intervene and provide further training via our accredited training team to ensure any issues are dealt with at an early stage and at the appropriate level. Internally, it can help with fee forecasting, provide invoice numbers and create progress charts etc. Clients and various members of the project team are able to access, comment and upload against specific items on the bespoke monitoring report thereby facilitating an efficient, effective joined up collaborative approach to the overall project delivery which all leads to continuous improvement.


All key documents, including the Project Information Register, Client Brief, Design Risk Appraisals, Safety Inspection Reports and Audits and the Health &Safety File Tracker are stored in the web application which allows for greater transparency at key milestones throughout the project and ultimately leads to the handover of the Health and Safety File upon completion, which can be downloaded or alternatively stored and retained on our system, accessible on request.


Our app has been developed to be intuitive and user-friendly allowing the client and project teams direct access from their laptop, tablet or mobile (internet permitting) from anywhere in the world. This web application has been particularly beneficial during the Covid-19 pandemic where we have been able to manage all our projects remotely and continue business as usual during unprecedented times. Our technical teams can update documents in a live environment during meetings; our Site Inspectors can upload findings whilst onsite, upload inspection monitoring reports and corresponding photographs and provide clients with access to live data at any time which they can view online and download as a pdf report.


This online web app facilitates secure digital storage for all health and safety documentation, is readily available 24/7 and saves our users significant time in locating documentation and meeting their legal requirements. It is an automatic complimentary service for our clients and can also be made available to other subscribers upon request. We are continually developing and improving the platform to strengthen and complement our services.