Principal Designer & CDM Services

August 20, 2021

Baily Garner (Health & Safety) Ltd is a specialist construction CDM risk management consultancy providing a range of health & safety services across a range of sectors UK wide to meet our client’s needs.

Two core services we provide are Principal Designer and CDM Advisor Services.

Our other core services include: Monitoring Inspections & Audits, Safety Compliance Audits, Health & Safety Training, Health & Safety Management Audits and Health & Safety Advice.


Acting as a Principal Designer, we deliver a thorough and robust service to ensure compliance with the CDM regulations and our client’s statutory duties. Our teams are experts in helping clients meet their legal requirements and with identifying, obtaining and collating the required pre-construction information during preparation and brief, enabling our clients to ensure their paperwork is in order, risks are minimized, and people welfare is a top priority.


Our extensive experience across all aspects of construction, from residential refurbishment, demolition, and new build of residential and commercial buildings along with hospitals, schools etc. enables us to identify any potential health and safety impacts or gaps within the outline/concept design stage and ensure that the end product is delivered without reputational negativity and can be enjoyed and managed safely.


We partner extensively with the designers during the technical design phase to ensure a practical and independent balance between aesthetics and safety and we work hard to facilitate compliance and effective co-ordination between the relevant parties. We liaise with the Principal Contractor on the outstanding design development for the duration of our appointment and collaborate closely with all parties to ensure people’s welfare, both workers and end users, are at the heart of everything we do.


Finally, we develop and prepare a Health & Safety File for each project which is managed via our web based online portal and facilitates secure digital storage for all health and safety documentation which is readily available 24/7 and saves significant time in locating documentation and meeting legal requirements.


Similarly, acting as a CDM Client Advisor we equally provide an unparalleled service and benefits to our clients, delivering a clear health and safety brief for the safe delivery of the project and establishing a high standard health and safety culture from the start to ensure all parties stay on the right track and side of the HSE regulations, and where there is more than one client, we can also assist with client election if required.


On the larger projects, we update and issue the F10 notice as the project progresses and our aim is to keep the project moving, alleviate the volume of paperwork and develop and foster good working relationships with the contractor. We can competence assess the skills, training and supervision of all parties appointed by the client and provide peace of mind and clear competence based evidential records.


We are also able to audit the Principal Designer (where this service is not provided by us) to ensure the ‘Principles of Prevention’ are being appropriately applied and provide assurance that the risk levels and consequences of ‘getting it wrong’ have been correctly assessed.


Similar to our PD services, as CDMA we assist the client in the collation and provision of pre-construction information and with our skills, knowledge and experience we ensure that this is done thoroughly and on time.


During the Construction Phase Plan, we provide clear evaluation of the plan using our key principles of ‘Consultation, Communication and Co-operation’, applying constructive challenge to ensure the plan is appropriate at all levels for the works taking place.


Our role can help ensure that welfare provisions are suitable and appropriate for the scale and nature of the works which in turn allows the contractor’s workforce to provide optimum delivery. This is one of the current and key HSE priorities and our CDMA role can facilitate a solution based and joined up collaborative approach.


The CDMA can play a key role in the periodic monitoring of the Principal Contractor and our ‘Principal Contractors Performance Reports’ are renowned to be amongst the best in the industry.  Our CDM Advisors work hard to build rapport on-site and develop user friendly colour coded reports which provide assurance, identify trends over time and practical guidance.


As CDMA, we are also able to check that the Principal Designer is producing an appropriate Health & Safety File. Our web-based application/online portal, which is free to our clients, can also be made available via subscription to other users to provide a secure and readily available digital storage facility for all health and safety documentation, supporting our subscribers to meet their legal requirements and obligations