Construction Design Management (CDM) Services

Client duties

The CDM 2015 regulations requires the client to be accountable for the impact their decision and approach has on the health, safety and welfare of the project. As a result the legislation poses new and enhanced duties on all clients responsible for the delivery of projects.

A key requirement is for clients to maintain and review their arrangements to ensure health & safety remains relevant throughout the life of the project. Clients must also assess the progress of the project and determine whether health and safety standards are being met.

To assist our clients to fulfil their new legal duties we have developed a scope of services to ensure they remain compliant.

Principal Designer duties

The new regulations require the appointment of a Principal Designer to control the design process (where there is more than one contractor). The Principal Designer should co-ordinate matters relating to health and safety at the pre-construction phase and ensure the principles of prevention are taken into account by the design team. This also includes providing relevant information to other duty holders.

As the appointed Principal Designer, Baily Garner Health & Safety is able to assist the client to comply with their duties by co-ordinating work of others in the project team to ensure significant and foreseeable risks are managed throughout the design process. In addition we are also able to assist with compiling the H&S File on completion of the project.

For further details on how we can assist you, and for a copy of our scope of services, please contact

Our projects

The Scalpel

We acted as CDM advisor throughout the £200 Million development of the 39 storey building.

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Tower Bridge

We provided CDM services for the  complete redecoration of the bridge, as well as M&E, electrical upgrades and internal repairs.

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Millenium Bridge House

We are acting as Principal Designer and Client CDM Advisor for the redevelopment of this late 1980's office building.

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Bridge Masters House

We provided CDM Coordinator and CDM services for the redevelopment of this Grade II listed building.

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Bryanston Square

We acted as Principal Designer and CDM Advisor for a repairs and redecoration programme which included a Grade II listed building in the heart of London.

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Project Light

We acted as Principal Designer throughout the demolition and construction of 234 New residential dwellings.

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Wornington Green

We acted as Principal Designer throughout the construction of a 7-storey block providing 89 apartments.

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Old Bailey

We acted as Principal Designer and CDM Advisor for the electrical upgrade works to this iconic building.

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Project Nash

We act as Principal Designer and CDM Advisor for the redevelopment of Marble Arch House and adjoining properties.

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