Safety Compliance Audits

A positive and sensible approach

Safety Compliance Audits

Baily Garner (Health & Safety) Ltd are experienced in carrying out safety compliance audits with the overall aim of continuous improvement in your performance. We usually start with an audit of your current health and safety practices and the effectiveness of your current system.

This reviews the following aspects and sets out a programme of future activity:

  • Health and safety policy 
  • Risk assessments
  • Safe work procedures
  • Management systems
  • Induction training 
  • First aid
  • Environmental 
  • Contractor management
  • Statutory inspections

The benefits from our safety compliance audits include

  • Benchmarking the effectiveness of your health and safety systems
  • A comprehensive audit report outlining our findings and areas for improvement
  • Improved safety performance, workforce morale and wellbeing
  • Reduced rates of accidents and injury, with associated potential litigation costs.

For further information on safety compliance audits, please contact Vicky Carvey who leads this service team .

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