Firebird Pub

In 2009 squatters from a group called ‘Justice Not Crisis’ occupied the derelict Firebird pub in Pershore Road, Edgbaston complaining that not enough homes were being built in the city.

The 78- home estate is a joint venture between Optima Housing Association, Birmingham City Council and the Government’s Homes and Communities Agency - which backed the scheme with £2 million funding.

According to Optima homes marketed for shared ownership have been snapped up giving five local families a step onto the property ladder.

This development is an excellent example of partnership working and provides a much needed mix of larger homes for families and apartments in a key area of the city.

The houses were built with a timber frame construction which required extra Fire Risk Management advice provided by Martin Cox. 

A different approach was taken to fire safety using state of the art electronic detection and security measures due to the site being in close proximity to a densely populated area of known crime as identified by neighbourhood communities.




Optima Community Housing

Project cost

£2 million


Fire risk management