Green Towers Community Centre

The project comprises the major refurbishment and partial demolition of Green Towers Community Centre, including:

  • Demolition of existing stair core and removal of metal ramp
  • Construction of New Stair Core Extension with Building Regs. compliant stair, Platform Lift and new toilets
  • Relocation of Main Entrance to front of building, accessed via a new ramp at the undercroft
  • New Services Installations and Structural Works to new openings
  • Internal re-organisation, with new partitions, fixtures and fittings
  • New Doors and Windows throughout
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Extension to enclose undercroft, to contain staff accommodation, with new entrance location and internal access ramp.
  • Creation of new Feature Balcony at front with Bay Window Extension below.
  • Additional remodelling works to create 3 Large Community Rooms on ground floor and to open up the heart of the building with a spacious foyer.
  • Extensive new over-cladding and fenestration design to external elevations, including Steel Cladding and Coloured Render.
  • Remove existing flat roof and replace with new, steel mono-pitch roof design with expressive overhanging eaves to front, raising height of building and increasing presence on street.




London Borough of Enfield

Project cost

£1 million


Monitoring, inspections and audits


Vicky Carvey

Call: 0207 052 4545/ 07957 873546