Manchester Hotel

Our Acoustic consultants were appointed to provide advice relating to all acoustic issues associated with the design and build of the hotel. Due to the location of the hotel consideration was required to the acoustic performance standards of the external building fabric. In addition to noise break-in from the surrounding environment the building was required to adhere to hotel brand standards, BREEAM requirements, Building Regulations and Local Authority planning conditions.

Involvement began with environmental noise surveying of the site to assist in the design of the external building fabric. The results of this assessment also allowed value engineering of the initially proposed glazing constructions whilst still maintaining the acoustic performance as well as being involved in the design and testing of the internal fabric to ensure the brand standards and Building Regulations requirements relating to sound insulation between guestrooms were achieved. Carefully organised dates and times for testing of the development were agreed with the on-site team to ensure minimal disruption to the project and optimum acoustic test conditions. Then able to undertake the required amount of sound insulation testing over three consecutive evenings which conclude that all tests were successful in terms of achieving the required standards.

The project was delivered on time and on budget and the hotel was able to be opened as scheduled in June 2009. The hotel is currently used as the benchmark in terms of design and quality of  brand and is the winner of the New Build Hotel Award in the European Hotel Design Awards 2010.




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