Restaurant Accoustics

After closing it's doors two years previous, the restaurant in Knightsbridge re-opened The restaurant houses a huge wine cellar containing over 2000 bottles and is located in a newly built residential block.

The landlord for the building had outlined a number of operating requirements for the restaurant to ensure the residential occupants directly above the premises were not affected by noise transfer from the restaurant activities. However, it was not clear to the design team for the premises how such requirements would be achieved.

Appointed to provide a design solution to prevent any noise problems we worked closely with both the landlord’s consultant and our own design team to ensure the most cost effective solution could be achieved whilst maintaining compliance with the very stringent performance requirements.

A number of items of mechanical services plant were also required to be introduced to the premises in order to provide ventilation and cooling and these were subject to an additional planning requirement. The layout of the site meant that virtually all potential plant locations were relatively close proximity to sensitive residential properties and therefore careful consideration of the acoustic control measures was required.

The restaurant opened in early 2010 and has gone on to be a successful addition to a fine dining group.




Accoustic, noise evaluation