Zenith House

Zenith House is located within the London Borough of Barnet. The site is bordered by Colindeep Lane on the South-East perimeter and Edgware Road on the South-West perimeter.
The redevelopment of the former Zenith House site, comprising the erection of buildings ranging from 2 to 16 storeys, to provide 308 residential units and 4 commercial units.

The project had a very challenging target to achieve. It had to comply at the same time with both current Building Regulations (2010) and Code for Sustainable Homes 2009 (which is assessed by 2006 Building Regulations). In addition the 16 storey block is located on the south corner of the site, overshadowing a big part of the available roof space for most of the day.

An Energy Assessment was carried out across the site and an Energy Report was issued, in order to identify the best possible strategy to comply with both 2010 Building Regulations and Code for Sustainable Homes 2009 level 4.

Significant emphasis was applied in the fabric of the building in order to reduce the energy requirements of the building; by highly insulating all heat loss elements. A district heating system consisting of CHP and gas boiler is introduced, in order to ensure a very efficient use of the energy.Once the best envelope and services have been provided, hence the energy demand is low, photovoltaics were considered




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