In October last year, BGHS was instructed to assist SICE UK in their dual role of Designer and Principal Contractor with their project on the M6 Toll Motorway, around North Birmingham. The project included the installation and upgrade of the existing Toll System and Commercial Back Office, with additional free flow capture locations enabling trip construction. The works included the installation of roadside and on-road equipment as part of the detection and classification of vehicles using the M6 Toll Road in order to charge the road users accurately according to the extent of the road they have used, rather than a generic charge per vehicle type regardless of the usage. The works presented specific challenges of varying working locations that required specific consideration and assessment. This included over road equipment mounted to the existing over bridges, over passes and gantries.

BGHS’s appointment was varied and wide ranging. Initially this was to facilitate the transition of the works from the enabling works Principal Contractor to SICE to act as Principal Contractor including the review and updates to their Construction Phase Plan for the Client's approval. The other key issue that SICE required assistance with was the development and issue of the Design Risks for each location. This included gathering the access and maintenance strategies from the design team and presenting these to the Client alongside the Design Risks. Throughout the works, BGHS undertook visits to the site to attend project meetings where required, but more frequently to visit the working areas and the SICE project office to review and develop Health and Safety processes. These visits were undertaken during the day but also included visits to the working areas at night on a number of occasions. The inspections at night along side the SICE team were very productive and highlighted key items that may not have been picked up.

The final piece of the puzzle is assisting with the collation of the Health and Safety File for the SICE element of works. This is currently a work in progress but has commenced on a positive note and is due to be issued to the Client for initial review in the coming weeks.

The project has had some specific challenges throughout but working along side the experienced and knowledgeable SICE team has been a great pleasure and learning experience for the BGHS team.

Midland Expressway Limited
CDM Advisor


Adam Smith